Monday, January 15, 2018

S&W Safety Hammerless 2nd Model “bicyclist’s special” revolver

Manufactured by Smith and Wesson c.1902-40 as the “New Departure”, later known as the “lemon squeezer” - serial number 95406.

.32 S&W 5-round cylinder, double action, internal hammer, grip safety.

Soviet soldiers of the 127th Guards Artillery Regiment, 59th Guards Motor Rifle Division

Bet it's fast


RIP, Queen Cutlery.

They made some awesome traditional pocketknives

This style is known as a Muskrat.  Two California clip blades, and once one goes dull, just switch to the other.  The jigging on this one is also very pleasing.

Might be a freckle there.

I like to get my hands dirty, but I also like a great pair of work gloves