Sunday, February 18, 2018


Ha, awesome!

My shaving gear.

The boy and I are into wet shaving, and we're having a "who's got the most stuff" contest.

Plus, it's just a gorgeous day here.

The two straight razors.  On the left is one that belonged to the boy's great grandfather.  It's hard to read here, but is says it was made in Eskilstuna, Sweden.  On the right, a Solingen product.  The German script on the blade is archaic, where the "S" looks like an "F."  It says, "For the strongest beard."

Orca imitates the sound of the outboard motor.

Petition Started For Full Military Funeral Honors For JROTC Cadet Killed In Florida Shooting

A very worthy effort.

The Stoneman High School JROTC performed heroically during the shooting at their school in Parkland, Florida.  Two JROTC enlistees herded students and teachers into a room and shielded them with kevlar, their quick actions undoubtedly saved not only their own lives but those of others under their protection.
A third JROTC member, Cadet Peter Wang, was just as heroic but did not survive.  Wang ushered students into a different classroom and was killed in his valiant efforts to save others.

Efforts are now being made to honor this brave young man.  These efforts include a petition to make an exception in his case and allow full military honors at his funeral on Tuesday, active military attending his funeral in military dress, and those unable to attend are sending in military patches, coins, and other items.

This would be a very good way to honor the young man's sacrifice.

Big Boy Toys

Impressive Energy Release