Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Freckles, they are good

Black Horse, Sioux Oglala - Heyn & Matzen - 1900

I'm pleased to hear this!

The CCI facility in Lewiston, Idaho has been running almost non-stop to meet demand in the United States for the last four years. It producing about four million .22 rimfire rounds a day.

To meed the increased structural demand for .22 rimfire, Vista Outdoors made the decision to increase and improve their rimfire production. The new plant automates the production to modern standards.
Also interesting is this:
The latest addition provides room for a variety of proprietary equipment used to make .22-caliber rimfire ammunition.
Much of the equipment was designed by company engineers, in cooperation with outside vendors. The focus, Mackleit said, is on “continuous flow” – starting out with raw material and moving through to the finished product in a sequence of steps without building any pockets of inventory along the way.
The result, he said, has been a substantial and “very satisfying” reduction in the time needed to complete an order.
In other words, they designed and built their own tools, in order to be more competitive.  Can their be anything more American?

I'm thinking this is good news

Using figures found in the latest International Religious Freedom Report authored by the U.S. State Department, Breitbart News has determined that the Christian population in North Korea has increased dramatically—at least five-fold—from about 37,000 known practicing Christians in 2012 to between 200,000 and 400,000 now.

In Communist China, the Christian population is also huge. There are more Christians there than members of the Communist party.  Perhaps this is spillover into North Korea?  A good sign for the future of that heretofore cursed hermit kingdom.

Nicely done

Owls have longer legs than you'd think


More from New Spicer Meadows

The Dardanelles over the lake

Ancient rock circle (wink)

Old beaches

Craggy old silver wood

Sir, that is too big a bite!

Koroit Boulder Opal, Australia


Want to live in a lighthouse?

There are six such lighthouses that the government is selling for cheap.

This one looks tight, but I'd bet that it's chilly there in the winter.

Poe Reef Lighthouse

The lovely Poe Reef Lighthouse is located in Lake Huron at the east end of South Channel between Bois Blanc Island and the mainland of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, about 6 miles east of Cheboygan. It is not named after the Poe we all probably think of at first, but rather, Orlando M. Poe, a lighthouse chief engineer. The Poe Reef Lighthouse went into service on August 15, 1929 and is comprised of a 71-foot tall white square tower on a concrete crib. Starting bids begin at $10,000.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

“Sailing Days: On The Yard-Arm; Furling The Mainsail” (1911) Fischer

I was suspicious of this, especially the female minister of defense of Albania

He is the legendary leader of the anti-communist resistance in the Polish People's Republic. He founded the Workers Defense Committee (KOR), the forerunner of Solidarity, later directing Solidarity’s Center for Social Research. He also established Głos, one of the first independent publications of the communist era. A former political prisoner, he was arrested over 20 times.

With this guy in charge, I wouldn't mess with the Poles.

Map of Canada, ca. 1900.

Things have changed a bit since then

Roger Simon adds a voice of sanity and good sense

Really.  I have never in my life met an actual Nazi, nor to my knowledge a Klansman, or even heard of one being around, as opposed to what is said on the news.  Roger's take explains that pretty well. 

In the real America, virtually everyone gets along well, and in spite of the news, the trend is positive.

Time to start at least thinking about it

Mine's going to be heavy on beets, parsnips and carrots.

Pocket Knife Porn

A Pan Am flying boat at the New York City Marine Air Terminal circa the 1940′s

The Donald pays a visit to the North Korean Army.

All fire, no ice

Looks like Southern California he's flying over

Mustang I (AM190) with experimental installation of 20mm cannons. Small numbers of the heavily armed Mustangs went to Britain but most P-51s flew with four, then six, .50-caliber machine guns.