Thursday, February 16, 2017

I guess this makes Wendy a knothead

San Francisco artist Windy Chien made one new knot every day last year and many of them are exquisite string sculptures. She learned from The Ashley Book of Knots, Clifford W. Ashley's 1944 tome of 4,000 knots.


  1. As a old sailor, years ago one could go to the Sail Locker on almost any USN ship and see this type of Fancy Work.
    There are still a few Boatswain's Mates that do Fancy Work, but they are getting harder and harder to find.
    Yes, the sail lockers were / are on ships that have no sails. They are almost the same as a bosun's locker, sorta the same but not quite.

  2. I like knotty girls, myself. Used to be hitched to one.