Sunday, February 12, 2017

Oroville Dam update

More good video from Pops.  This one is an amateur video, and shows the flow into the Feather of the emergency spill.   It's also the first film I've seen that shows water flowing through the parking lot, and over ground that isn't prepared for it.  Turn off the sound and watch.

OK this second video is alarmist, and has annoying ads, but the concerns it brings up are the same as I have.  I'm not sure the state water boys are displaying much competence in all this, and that is of concern.  Still, there is plenty of capacity in the Feather River downstream, so for now, even with all this uncontrolled water flow, things should be ok.  If the water breaches through the overflow spillway or the parking lot, however, they better start moving folks away from the river.


  1. Here's another one; probably taken around the same time as the others. The car park is flooded now.

    1. That's a good one. Now I hear the lake level is decreasing, which is very good. Next rain scheduled for Wednesday night. Now we'll see if the state water boys can get enough room in the lake to catch that water.

  2. Maybe California will start building more reservoirs? All of that water goes to the ocean in the face of a crippling drought.

  3. Thanks, Pops for taking and CW for posting the videos.