Friday, February 24, 2017

Cub flying in the Toiyabe Mts of Central Nevada - where you make your own landing strip.

Classic basin and range country.   Love it!

Thanks, Greg, for the link!

Compare and contrast

That video of the unusual spillway at Lake Berryessa I posted has been mentioned all over the internet. Someone sent me this shot of the famous entrance to the spillway, which we will call a "Glorie Whole" here, to avoid the algorithms for the ad windows to the right from seeing something different and then automatically trying to sell items that are inappropriate to a family blog (heh).  

Anyway, here's the entrance to the "whole" dry and wet ( I know, dangerous to use those words!).  Don't fall in!

Thanks, Molly, for the photo.

Big wheels keep on rollin'

Said to be an excellent book.

Given how we have a president who seems to profit well from disorder, I have put this one on my list to read.  Nick Taleb has some interesting insights.

Friday Open Road

Yet She Persisted...

A Republican legislator and former Vietnamese refugee was dragged from the state Senate floor Thursday morning when a Democratic leader ordered her removed after she tried to criticize the late Tom Hayden, a former state senator and vocal opponent of the war in Vietnam.
State Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove (Orange County), who was born in what was then Saigon, spoke briefly in Vietnamese, but her microphone was shut off less than 30 seconds after she began to repeat her remarks in English.
State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), who was presiding over the short floor session, called on Nguyen to sit down a dozen times, telling her she was out of order. But when Nguyen continued to read her statement into her dead microphone, Lara took stronger action.
At his orders, a pair of sergeants-at-arms hustled over, grabbed her by the arms and pulled her off the floor. But Nguyen, still shouting out her statement, tried to turn back toward Lara, forcing the sergeants to redouble their efforts to hustle her away.
Her ejection from the Senate floor sparked instant controversy, with Republicans blasting Lara and the Democrats for what they called a violation of Nguyen’s right to free speech.
“I was very, very surprised when this happened. I’ve never heard of this happening and certainly never seen it in my (time) in the Legislature,” Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller of Bakersfield said in a telephone interview. “I’m enraged, I’m angry and convinced this is totally overreaching (by the Democrats). ... A senator’s freedom of speech should not be taken lightly.”
So, Jean, why didn't you brave Republicans leap up to Janet's defense, and apply a bit of your own muscle to keep her from being silenced?  Although there aren't many of you, I'm sure a small mob of angry Repubs could have seized control of the situation and overpowered two corpulent sergeants at arms if you had the balls to.  Tackle the sergeants and escort Janet back to the podium.  Make a scene, you cowards!  Tom Hayden wouldn't have flinched!
Even while Nguyen was speaking, Lara called on state Sen. Bill Monning, D-Carmel, who rose quickly to criticize Nguyen, arguing that it was neither the time nor the place to attack Hayden, who died Oct. 23 and had been honored on the Senate floor Tuesday.
                                                                 The true American

So let me get this right.  The Vietnamese American, who came here as a legitimate war refugee, jumped through all the legal hoops and became a citizen, tries to speak out against a scumbag American traitor that shouldn't be honored and indeed whose citizenship really should be posthumously revoked, and is violently silenced at the orders of a Mexican American whose family, like Kevin De Leon's, is probably all here illegally, and who likely got his own citizenship through some sort of amnesty ( I speculate here, but I bet I'm right).
                  The Scumbag.  American in name only. Punchable face?  You tell me.

The Mexican-American, who still hasn't learned or come to respect anything about our laws and traditions of freedom.  He can fight Kevin De Leon to be el presidente/jefe maximo over the soon to be rump nation state of Nuevo Baja California, or maybe we should just call it Rump.

Check out their two websites, and notice the difference in what issue they choose to support and promote.  Janet is what's right with America, and Ricardo is what is so very wrong.

Bonus result of this event: Vietnamese Americans will vote Republican in greater numbers.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yellowmead Stone Circle

Yellowmead Stone Circle is a Bronze Age concentric stone circle consisting of four rings of stones set within one another. The largest is 98 feet (20 m) wide and the smallest, 19 feet
 (6 m). It is located on Yellowmead Down near Sheepstor. The circles once encircled a burial cairn, although this is now barely visible.

Evidence of a new but probably extinct polar bear species.

A huge polar bear skull with very different features from modern polar bear skulls has been discovered at an eroding archaeological site in northernmost Alaska. Its massive size and elongated, narrow shape recall an unusual polar bear reported by Inuit hunters but never photographed, filmed or in any other way scientifically verified.
In interview projects documenting the traditional knowledge of the Inuit peoples of northern Alaska and the western Canadian Arctic, hunters report very rare sightings of a bear “that has a longer neck; it’s high and pure white, but looks like a weasel and runs fast like a weasel”. This creature is known as “tiriarnaq” in the Siglitun dialect, “tigiaqpak” in the Kangiryuarmiut dialect, all of them translating to “weasel bear.”
Here’s a description of a weasel bear by a Sachs Harbour hunter from a 2010 interview:
“You get sometimes bears which we call tiriarnat, and they get over 11 foot. They get very big; they’re slim, their necks are way longer than the stubby bears that we get now. I never seen a weasel type bear for years, years and years…. We used to see some north of Storkerson Bay when we travel…. And they’re very big…. Stubby bears get ten [feet] three [inches], ten [feet] four [inches], that sort of thing. But a weasel type bear is 11-foot plus.

Perhaps a more thorough investigation might find additional evidence of this weasel bear.  Very interesting indeed.

M&M's dissolving - sort of creepy.

Retro Speed

Carroll Shelby at Sebring 1954

Retro Speed

The first Porsche to win at LeMans. 1951 356 Gmund SL 1100cc class winner.

A variation on cabin porn.

Getting Away from It All
Maxfield Parrish - 1961 

I use a Gerber Dime - very small - but this looks pretty cool.


  • Full size, real tools offer uncompromising performance through revolutionary design
  • Center axis driver opens to align like a real screw driver for maximum torque & rotation
  • One-thumb opening sliding jaws offer easy accessibility
  • Magnetic bit set is easy to change and interchangeable with standard bits
  • But the best feature of all is that it is Made in Portland, Oregon, USA

Spicer to reporter, "We're going to raise our hands like big boys and girls."

Heh.  The MSM getting the respect they deserve - which is none.

Mono Basin snowpack is 200% of average for February 1

Huge snowpacks mean plenty of water for the parched eastside lake.   Hopefully the water levels will pop up and keep the ecosystem healthy.

Racing to the weekend


A guy who lived across the street from me years ago had one of these in an awful green color, but it ran for years.  It got ridiculously poor gas milage, but had acres of room in there.

Sticky valves? Really? Sounds like NASA's talking about some old wheezebag jalopy

It currently takes Juno 53 days to fly around the solar system's biggest planet. That's almost four times longer than the intended 14-day orbit.

After repeated delays, NASA decided late last week to scrap an engine firing that would have shortened the orbit. Officials said the maneuver is too risky because of the valve problem.

Chainsaw pants?

Man, the stuff you can buy.  As an aside, thanks for all the advice yesterday, I appreciate it.  The last chainsaw I actually used was a McCulloch with a four foot bar, fun but not really practical for what I need.  I have a picture of that somewhere that I should scan and post - youthful days!

The Art of Speed

Cabin Porn

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Your good news of the day: New Hampshire joins the list of constitutional carry states.

Never happen in California, as they don't trust the people, being an oppressor government.  If I could carry, it'd be my Thompson Contender in 25-20.  Yeah, I break the mold.

New Hampshire now joins an ever-growing number of states in passing constitutional carry,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

Sununu’s signature on SB 12 makes New Hampshire the 12th state to allow constitutional carry.  New Hampshire joins its northern New England neighbors Maine and Vermont, both of which allow constitutional carry.  

Sponsored by Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-3), Senate Bill 12 will repeal the license requirement to carry a concealed pistol or revolver, unless a person is otherwise prohibited.  For those who choose to obtain licenses, SB 12 will also increase the length of time in which a license is valid from four years to five years.
Even in California, we still have the right to carry without asking the state for permission, and without having to pay them a fee to do it, but we will need to wait for a government that actually believes in freedom, and which isn't afraid of an armed and packing citizenry, and which chooses not to deny it's people their constitutional rights.  

Big branches down from my trees have convinced me that I need a chainsaw.

Hand saws eventually do the job, but it's time consuming and tiring for the right arm.  Besides, all real men need at least one chainsaw, right??

Heh, the Sentinel Dome webcam in Yosemite is nearly totally obscured by a giant snowdrift. A sign of a wet winter.

Tatanka Ohikita = Brave Buffalo

One bow legged dude

Tatanka Ohikita was a holyman who healed people, was known for making medicine, and was at the Whitestone massacres 9-3-1863 doing ceremonies to call the buffalo for the people. He was taken as a prisoner of war to Crow Creek after Whitestone massarces and was released under Big Heads in 1867 and moved to the east side of Standing Rock.

Born 6-10-1843 James River Valley  
D:7-9-1918 Cannon Ball, Sioux, North Dakota