Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Moose wants to ski

Black Bull, Sioux

“Black Bull known as a wag and a wit, carried a bundle of papers from various white men stating that he was a chief and deserved special consideration. He told the commission that if they wanted to buy Indian land, the Indians were willing to sell it at a fair price. He suggested that they bring in a big scale. The Indians would weigh the earth and sell it by the pound.”

Black dot upper left is Mercury passing in front of the Sun

Cute, but I bet it's fast too.

Vintage edc

Schrade equal end jack, butter and molasses scales.

Likely circa 1940's

Grumman TBF Avenger after it ditched following a catapult mishap on board the USS Bataan - 29 March 13, 1944

Oroville today

Swimming hole of dreams

Tuesday, March 21, 2017




The dog is such a square.

He tangled himself up in a fence, so it was off to the vet for Rusty the Rhodesian.  Shaving a nice even square in your fur is just not conducive to the impression of sleek toughness he'd like to make.

The Art of Speed

Thundering enough right now at Casa CW to make everything rattle.

I love thunderstorms.

Owl love

The other night I was up late, with the deck door open to the night, and I heard two of these feathery friends courting out in the inky blackness.

I never saw the love birds (these two are from Nevada), but I sure heard them, flying in big circles over the back field and house.  There was an occasional screech, but mostly a weird, metallic chirping sound made in long bursts, that I could trace by sound as they made their wide circles in the night sky.  

It was really cool, and something that wouldn't normally be noticed unless it was quiet, the door was open, and I was up to listen.  

The Choctaws believe that if an owl flies into your house, it's bad luck, and the two I heard were so close at times that I wondered if they would be attracted to my light and fly in the open door.   No bad luck for me, fortunately.   Enough said for the adventures of living in the country!

Do you operate?

Guard dog to be

Might not be a bad thing to toss in the back of the truck.

They're so cute at that age

Cheap shot attempt by Feinstein backfires

What, she has no staff to research these cases?  She knows full well - full well - that the judge has ruled in many cases for "the little guy," but chose instead to try this stupid game.

Further, a judge must apply the law without consideration for whether the case involves a "little guy" or a "big corporation."   The law should apply equally to all.   To suggest that is should not, as Feinstein appears to do here, is the real outrage.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Puss wants you to keep up

Р-26 and Boeing B-9 prototype

Letting your tail hang out

After all the confirmation hullabaloo dies down, this is what Trump needs to focus on.

So my advice to President Trump is this: don’t play the game by the current rules. Change the rules by which the game is played.  It’s time to cut the leviathan of government down to size. Trump’s hiring freeze is a good step in the right direction. It stops one of the reinforcing loops. But he needs to reverse the loop and cut the federal workforce by no less than 25 percent in four years. Trump should then consolidate and shut down departments.
Ronald Reagan promised to shut down departments, including Education and Energy, but never did. If Trump wants to devolve power out of DC, he has to shut departments down. Take the Department of Energy and put the nuclear weapons management under Department of Defense (or even Commerce, as Reagan wanted, to keep nuclear protection in civilian hands), split energy issues between Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Interior, then shut its doors. Roll any necessary parts of Department of Education into Labor and send other responsibilities back to the states, then shut its doors.
Once departments are shut down, bulldoze the buildings to the ground. Shatter them, plow them under, then build beautiful parks, Liberty Parks, over where the departments used to stand. Trump should also then consider “farming” some departments out to states, further breaking the leviathan apart.
As Breitbart said, it's war, and the only way to win is to play to win.  Government has it's purposes, but the giant, heavy breathing beast it is now yearns to control every single decision you make, and to have you pay them to exert that control.   It must be killed.

Fokker E.V (replica) Oshkosh 2016

CW's Good Reads

But I like history and stories about self sufficient hard asses.

Mondays, they're like that

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Laird of Muck

Lawrence MacEwan, Laird of Muck, atop his island in the Inner Hebrides Islands of Scotland 

CW likes

Two Navajo boys and a young woman pose in front of an adobe building at old Fort Defiance (McKinley County), New Mexico - O'Sullivan - 1873

I hope the people in the offices upstairs are still in one piece.

Trigger discipline is hard.

The Art of Speed

What awesome design - it just leaps forward even at rest.

Sean Penn, Santa Monica High School freshman in 1975.

Nice young lady

Wow, nice!

Swimming hole of dreams

Love it.

The tires are especially nice

Hmm. Tempting

I shocked my daughter once by suddenly producing for her perusal an box of old albums.  It was like treasure.